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Improving your law firm's employer brand online

What does your law firm’s employer brand look like? Does it set you apart from competitors? Is it a true reflection of both the firm and the talent that works within it?

We’re all too aware that recruitment remains a huge challenge across multiple sectors in the UK. Look at what’s happening within the NHS and care homes, as an example.

While the complexities of attracting, retaining, and inspiring top-tier talent remain widespread, there are measures your firm can take to ensure its employer brand is robust and resonates with lawyers as they deliberate their next career move.

Here’s a checklist to ensure you firm is covering its bases online...

💚 Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. 80% of millennial jobseekers have applied to a role via mobile phone.

💚 Have an up-to-date careers page which features all your benefits and schemes, with real employee case studies/stories and statistics to back up your claims.

💚 Ensure your entire team have their own profile on the website with pictures and bios and let candidates get to know the hiring managers and team prior to their interviews.

💚 If you already have staff profiles on the website, are staff photos and staff descriptions up-to-date? If not, create a template which employees can fill out and update that website on their behalf. (If you're in the marketing team.)

💚 Use your blogs to show off the culture of the firm, talk about star employees and provide top tips, news and cultural 'stuff' as well as showcasing awards, accreditations and accolades. This will help candidates A.) decide if you're a right fit and B.) enable candidates to do their pre-interview research with ease.

💚 Encourage everyone to get involved with social media. Allow employees to post on LinkedIn, share company page posts, and talk about their professional experiences and firm life. User-generated content is invaluable when building an authentic employer brand.

Oh and one more thing… Join us on 20 September for our webinar: ‘Intergenerational Working with Henry Rose Lee’ in which Henry will be addressing what each generation wants from a workplace and how everyone can collaborate irrespective of age, making for a happy and invigorated team.

Register here:

Henry will share tangible advice law firms can put into practice straight away – it’s not to be missed!

Have a great week.

Sophia Stancer - Connect with me on LinkedIn

Law Firm Marketing Club Community Manager

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