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ESG: Where do I start at my law firm?

Starting anything in life is most effective when driven by a clear intention, providing a meaningful purpose for your actions.

In steering your firm towards a success, embracing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles stands out as a strategic imperative. This commitment holds multifaceted advantages that extend beyond mere compliance, fostering a thriving and purpose-driven legal practice.

Firstly, prioritising ESG aligns your firm with the values of the emerging workforce, particularly the millennial demographic projected to dominate the professional landscape by 2025. Companies that champion robust ESG initiatives are not only magnets for top-tier talent but also demonstrate a dedication to cultivating purposeful work environments.

Moreover, clients in the evolving socio-cultural landscape increasingly view environmental responsibility as a non-negotiable expectation from their legal partners. By adhering to ESG standards, law firms not only meet these ethical and sustainable expectations but also elevate client satisfaction, solidifying long-term relationships.

The benefits extend to reputation management, where a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility becomes a cornerstone for constructing a positive public image. Such positive standing in the ESG realm translates to enhanced trust from clients and stakeholders, thereby bolstering the firm's overall credibility.

Building trust through ESG alignment augments the client experience, fostering a robust and enduring client-firm relationship. Clients gravitate towards law firms that share their values, resulting in increased loyalty, repeat business, and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

The 2022 Wolters Kluwer Future Ready Lawyer Survey echoes these trends. A notable 50% of law firms in Europe and the U.S. have established an ESG practice area in the past three years. Furthermore, 27% have maintained an ESG practice for over three years, with an additional 18% planning to establish one within the next three years. Notably, 45% of firms reported an uptick in corporate clients seeking ESG guidance.

To delve deeper into ESG and to hear fist-hand how Robson Laidler achieved its B-Corp status, join Gemma Graham and me on the upcoming Law Firm Marketing Club webinar, 'Being sustainable: A look at ESG and B-Corp,' scheduled for next Wednesday at 2 pm.

Register here.

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