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Coming soon: The LFMC 'What Clients Want' research sheds light on client expectations in 2023

As esteemed professionals within the legal sector, the ability to comprehend and adapt to client expectations stands as a pivotal determinant of success for any law firm.

The Law Firm Marketing Club's "What Clients Want" research, generously sponsored by Moneypenny, stands as an invaluable repository of insights garnered from the perspectives of over 600 participants hailing from diverse corners of the United Kingdom.

In our dedicated exploration of these findings for the fourth consecutive year, a incontrovertible conclusion springs to mind: law firms are bestowed with a wealth of information that they simply cannot afford to overlook from the mouths of clients across a broad range of demographics, locations, and service areas. It's marketing gold dust for law firms.

Five Compelling Reasons to Invest in the "What Clients Want" Research in 2023

1. Informed Decision-Making

If you've already purchased our former research, the longitudinal data encapsulating four years' worth of client perspectives affords law firms a unique vantage point into the ever-evolving landscape of client trends. This depth of historical understanding becomes the bedrock upon which informed decisions can be meticulously crafted, aligning perfectly with the dynamic shifts in client sentiments and preferences.

2. Improving First Impressions

A startling revelation surfaces—less than 50% of law firms succeed in making a positive first impression. This research serves as a beacon, illuminating the path towards rectifying this deficiency. By meticulously identifying the pivotal elements contributing to positive initial interactions, law firms are equipped to refine and elevate their client engagement processes to new heights.

3. Addressing the Emotional Journey

Within the contours of legal matters, a discernible rise in clients experiencing 'negative' emotions at both commencement and conclusion is identified. This insight is a clarion call for law firms to delve into the emotional intricacies of the client journey. Armed with this understanding, firms can pinpoint and ameliorate emotional pain points, thereby ensuring a more positive and holistic client experience.

4. Tailoring Services for Diverse Client Types

The chasm in expectations, stemming from a widening generation gap and varied preferences among personal and business clients, is laid bare. This research functions as a strategic compass, guiding law firms towards a personalised approach. By tailoring services based on age and client type, a truly client-centric ethos can be cultivated, resonating effectively across diverse demographics.

5. Embracing Sustainability as a Competitive Advantage

A pivotal trend emerges—sustainability now factors significantly into client choice. For law firms seeking a competitive edge, this research provides indispensable guidance. By aligning with client values, particularly in the remit of sustainability, firms can position themselves at the forefront, distinguished by their commitment to environmentally conscious practices.

In conclusion, the Law Firm Marketing Club's "What Clients Want" research transcends its role as a mere informational resource. It stands as a strategic imperative for legal practices aiming not just to meet but to exceed client expectations, thereby fortifying their standing in an increasingly dynamic and discerning legal landscape.

The detailed report is a valuable inclusion in the Law Firm Marketing Club annual membership, alongside all previous versions of the report. Alternatively, for those not currently subscribed, the report is available for individual purchase at a cost of £450 + VAT and will be made available in December 2023.

If you're interested in obtaining this insightful resource or require additional information, please don't hesitate to contact me, Sophia, at or simply send a direct message to me for a prompt response via LinkedIn.

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