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Are you getting leads from your content marketing? 67% of B2B marketers are.

This week I want to sign post you to some great research and data. It’s a resource I’ve shared before, but I make no apologies for sharing it again as it’s constantly adding new stuff that is highly relevant and useful.

The resource is Marketing Charts, and whilst most of their data is US based, the insights and findings are just as relevant to us in the UK.

This particular research caught my eye as it’s about content marketing and its increasing importance to B2B marketing.

This research acts as a great reminder of why content marketing is so important.

Some headlines:

  • 67% of respondents have successfully generated demand/leads via their content marketing in the past year;

  • 42% say content has successfully driven sales/revenue; and

  • 83% say it’s creating brand awareness.

Check it out yourself, there’ a nice summary on this link plus you can download the full report via the article. A FABULOUS bit of research to guide you.

We were fortunate enough to have David Opie from Today’s Media run two webinars on content marketing aimed at those in professional services firms for us earlier this year.

In the second session, David explained how to start a content marketing plan, covered the who, how and why of creating high quality engaging content and also talked about measuring success. A great session with lots of practical takeaways.

You can grab a copy of David’s slides here.

LFMC members – you also have access to the webinar recording in the members section of the LFMC website.

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