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AI: 3 practical examples

You can’t turn on the TV, scroll through your social media feeds or look at a news app without AI featuring prominently right now.

I’ve been looking at AI for a little while now and I’ve had a bit of a 'play' with ChatGPT, Jasper and in the last week Bard, Google’s new AI offering.

As a marketer I am impressed with the possibilities. But I’m also scared about how it could be misused. Amongst other things, we are seeing increased use of AI to generate copy and articles. Indeed, I have used it and been pretty impressed overall by its capabilities when given the ‘right’ and precise instructions ‘it’ needs.

I am a fan of AI … it’s a fabulous tool that I know can and will help us in many ways.

But …

A warning, please do not rely on AI to define your firm, your people and to create your content and materials without a sense check.

Let’s take a look at why.

Here’s my LinkedIn profile. I wrote it. I change it regularly but it’s me, it’s what I do, it gets across a bit of my personality and my uniqueness.

Not all marketing experts are equal. I help law firms to elevate their marketing. I’m not afraid to be different or to have an opinion. Ex-Law Firm Marketing & BD Director. Golfer. Red Wine drinker.

Now here’s what ChatGPT, Jasper and Bard provided as alternatives when given the command:

Rewrite this copy, make it professional and quirky

Not all marketing mavens are cut from the same cloth. As a consultant, I specialize in taking law firms to the next level with their marketing efforts. I'm not one to shy away from a unique approach or speaking my mind. My background as a former Law Firm Marketing & BD Director provides me with the insight and expertise to deliver results. Plus, when I'm not busy strategizing, you can find me on the golf course or enjoying a glass of red wine.

Not all marketing experts are created equal. And I'm here to prove it. With a law firm background and Director of Business Development experience, I'm uniquely positioned to help firms get the most out of their marketing efforts. I bring a fresh perspective -- rooted in deep understanding of legal sector needs -- and am not afraid to be different or share my opinion. Plus, when I'm not creating disruptive strategies for clients, you can find me on the golf course with glass of red in hand!

I'm not your average marketing expert. I'm not afraid to be different or to have an opinion. I'm not afraid to challenge the status quo. And I'm not afraid to tell it like it is. I'm a former law firm marketing and business development director. I know what it takes to succeed in the legal industry. I know what it takes to stand out from the competition. And I know what it takes to win new business. I'm also a golfer and a red wine drinker. I like to think of myself as a bit of a rebel. I'm not afraid to break the rules. And I'm not afraid to take risks. If you're looking for a marketing expert who will challenge you, who will push you to be your best, and who will help you take your law firm to the next level, then I'm your guy.


Of the 3 variations, if I had to pick one, Bard gets my vote. Although it’s a bit wordy … and for some reason it’s assumed that ‘I’m your guy’ and that I’m a rule breaking risky rebel!

Whilst I can forgive the americanisms, they're easy to fix, there is no way on earth I would use the word ‘maven’ to describe myself – for a start everyone would have to look it up to understand it. And being on the golf course with a glass of red in hand is just not the done thing, what a waste of wine when it spills!

So having decided that Bard’s offering is the ‘best’ (loosely speaking), but that I’m not a rule breaking risky rebel guy, and it’s a bit wordy, I asked Bard to summarise it with the command:

Summarise this into two sentences.

Sure, here is a summary of the text:

I am a marketing expert who is not afraid to be different or to challenge the status quo. I have experience in the legal industry and am confident that I can help you take your law firm to the next level.

Here is a more concise version:

I am a marketing expert who will challenge you and help you take your law firm to the next level.

So, there you have it … a few real-life examples of AI in action.

If you haven’t yet taken a look at some of the AI tools out there, do. Have a look, have a play and form your own opinion. Try different commands and see the different outputs.

I think AI has enormous potential for us all, and not just in writing copy. But it needs careful handling – a bit like a fast car with lots of gadgets! I suspect future versions will have more advanced capabilities and sophistication.

Finally, if you haven’t seen it, I think you’ll enjoy this cartoon from Tom Fishbourne about AI.

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