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4 x Genius Ideas from Amazon, a Podcast & Welcome to Sophia

I have 3 things I would like to share with you this week – a podcast, an introduction and 4 x genius ideas (not mine!)

Let’s get down to it...

I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Jackie Carter a few weeks ago for our latest podcast. Jackie is the Head of Operations & Strategy (Litigation) at Eversheds Sutherland. It was such an energising, engaging and relatable conversation which I am delighted to share with you today in our latest podcast.

A quick summary of some of what we talk about is:

  • We explore the significance of client-centricity, fostering robust professional relationships, and how employee well-being directly impacts client satisfaction.

  • Find out more about the quote that underpins Jackie's approach? "People aren't concerned with what you do for them; they simply want to know that you genuinely care about them." 💕

  • Uncover further insights, personal stories, and even a few book suggestions.

Please Welcome Sophia Stancer Sophia is the ‘new’ LFMC Community Manager. As you know from last week’s email, the LFMC is now part of the Conscious Solutions portfolio. Sophia is tasked with supporting and driving the LFMC forward in this exciting new era. Her job title tells you most of what you need to know! I’m delighted to be working alongside Sophia and can’t wait to unveil the activities and plans we have in store for you all. Please do take a moment to ‘check Sophia out’ on Linked in and connect with her. Sophia will be increasingly involved in all we do at the LFMC so watch out for emails from her in the not too distant future! 4 x Genius ideas from Amazon I follow Daniel Priestley on LinkedIn. I’ve also read all his books and have attended some of his events. I highly recommend you check him out if you want inspiration, ideas, access to innovative and entrepreneurial perspectives and much more.

Last week he wrote a post on LinkedIn where he shared 4 x genius ideas from Amazon. 1. The 2-Pizza Team 2. The institutional Yes 3. The Future Press Release 4. The Empty Chair They are genius and yet so simple and so relevant for us all. Take a moment to check them out here in Daniel’s post.

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