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What Clients Want 2022

Clare Fanner, LFMC,

December 2022

What Clients Want 2022

In this session Clare shared the results from the latest LFMC What Clients Want Research. This is the third year this research has been conducted. In addition to sharing the results from the 2022 survey, Clare and Bernadette Bennett from Moneypenny also shared trends and insights into best practice and things firms can do to manage and meet clients evolving expectations.

The research covers many areas, including:

• What is important to clients when choosing a law firm
• What you can do to make it easier for clients when selecting a law firm/lawyer
• Which characteristics are important to clients when choosing a law firm
• What clients are looking for online
• What clients want, need and expect from law firms when dealing with them
• What clients feel when dealing with a law firm
• How clients want to be communicated with
• Clients views on lawyers working remotely

What Clients Want Research sponsored by Moneypenny.

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