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What are the value drivers that clients want? How can you differentiate your firm?

Paul Roberts, MyCustomerLens

September 2022

What are the value drivers that clients want? How can you differentiate your firm?

Your firm's reputation is based on what people say when you're not in the room.

They are talking about their experiences and perceptions, and how those compare with other firms. So, these conversations and the decisions that come from them, are based on emotion not logic. All clients have a view about who they like working with, who they trust to get things done on time, who keeps them updated on progress etc...

Do you know how your firm makes your client's feel?

Measuring brand and reputation requires looking beyond relationship measures like Net Promoter Score and transactional measures like Customer Satisfaction. Tracking experiences requires a combination of numerical and text data.

This webinar will show you how to get started. We will look at how forward-looking firms are managing their reputation by tracking and measuring their value drivers.

Value drivers are the characteristics that firms use to differentiate their brands and that clients use when comparing brands. For some communication or innovation is important, for others it's peace of mind or approachability.

We will look at:
- how to define your firm's 3-4 main value drivers
- how to create consistent questions to measure those value drivers
- how to analyse the results to identify any brand alignment gaps

Firms that can discover and respond to client needs faster have a competitive advantage. In this webinar you'll learn how value drivers can help your firm achieve that agility.

Delivered by Paul Roberts, MyCustomerLens
The sixth session in our What Clients Want Series, kindly sponsored by Moneypenny

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