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Getting Better Results from LinkedIn – Get Inspired and Get the Know How

Richard van der Blom

October 2021

Getting Better Results from LinkedIn – Get Inspired and Get the Know How

LinkedIn is an increasingly important platform. It’s a means to connect with the people we are looking to work with and for; and a means of developing our networks. It’s also platform we can use to communicate ‘our stuff’.

We were joined by LinkedIn expert Richard van der Blom (joining from Spain!) who ran this fast paced, informative, engaging and incredibly insightful session on LinkedIn.

Richard van der Blom is the founder of Just Connecting LinkedIn & Social Selling HUB, a global operating training and consultancy company.

Richard covered:
• The impact of LinkedIn on modern businesses and processes
• An explanation of the Social Selling Index (SSI) and the consequences of having a higher score for your results
• 3 tips on achieving a client centric profile
• 3 tips on content, the algorithm and increasing your reach
• 3 tips on lead generation, sales and networking; and
• A bonus checklist (99 tips)

Participants left with:
• a clear action plan; and
• a clear understanding of how to make LinkedIn work for you.
• A good idea on what to post, when and how.

This session is the first of a series of monthly events brought to you by Conscious Solutions.
Monthly LinkedIn roundtable workshops will be facilitated by David Gilroy from Conscious Solutions. Each month David will host a ‘clinic’ where he will talk through specific ways to make LinkedIn work better for you.
David and participants will share examples of LinkedIn activities, good practices, what’s worked/not and much more.

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