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Getting & Using Case Studies – for PR, for legal directories and for marketing

Vaughan Andrewartha, Chilli Communication & Clare Fanner, Find Get Grow

Nov 2021

Getting & Using Case Studies – for PR, for legal directories and for marketing

Case studies can and should be a key part of your professional services firms approach to marketing. A case study has many benefits, including helping to generate leads and sales, but also to act as proof, validation and reassurance to clients and prospective clients.
After all – we all want a trusted expert that has a track record of helping people like us, with challenges like ours!

But how can you create a compelling case study? How can you get clients to agree to feature in case studies and what can you do with case studies once you’ve got them? After all, you need to justify the investment in time and effort.

From PR, legal directories, content for your website and much more … case studies should be a key part of your marketing.

In this webinar Clare Fanner, an ex-law firm marketing director and experienced professional services marketer, provided an overview of the broader role of case studies and Vaughan Andrewartha, an experience PR, helped us understand how case studies can help you get media coverage.
It was also detailed how to compile a great case study that will get you noticed, increase your chances of the media using them and help you win new clients and opportunities.

This webinar highlights the benefits of case studies to your firm plus offers a practical approach to creating and then using them, including how to get the media to take notice and hopefully cover your stories.

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