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Demystifying Chambers Legal Directory Submissions

Katie Read, Eloise Haines

Nov 21

Demystifying Chambers Legal Directory Submissions

Getting recognition in the legal directories is more than just an accolade, it’s a reflection of your quality and experience, it demonstrates to potential clients that you are regarded as one of the ‘best’. Getting recognition is a combination of many factors. But it’s not enough to ‘just’ do good, interesting and complex work, although you clearly need to have this as well!

Getting recognised by Chambers & Partners, the UK’s leading legal directory recognising expertise across the UK, requires, in the first instance a good submission supported by feedback from your referees. This is the foundation upon which Chambers will conduct its research.

But what makes a good submission?
Which referees should you include?
How can you make a submission that has the best chance of getting your ranked?
How do Chambers conduct their research and what are they looking for?
What are the simple things you can do to give your submission a better chance of being successful?

These are just some of the questions Katie Read & Eloise Haines, Research Managers of the Chambers & Partners UK addressed when they presented this webinar for the Law Firm Marketing Club.

The session was hosted by Clare Fanner and included a Q&A session so attendees could ask their pertinent questions.

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