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B Corp: What is it and why should your firm become B Corp Certified?

Tim Wookey, Nancy Hyne

March 2022

B Corp: What is it and why should your firm become B Corp Certified?

B Corp certification is independent verification that a for-profit business meets the highest social and environmental standards. The movement is gathering pace across the world with over 6,000 globally certified companies. The UK is the fastest growing cohort outside of the US with around 600 companies including Danone, Coutts, Innocent, Bodyshop, Finisterre...

Certification is available for a business of one, to global multinationals, so it’s probably relevant to you.

This session is being presented to help you understand what’s involved with B Corp and how it might turbo charge your business in the new era of sustainable and conscious business leadership.

Tim Wookey is MD of amamus, a fast-growing B2B coffee company who achieved B Corp certification in April 2020. He can share his own experience, the benefits and the challenges.

Nancy Hyne runs True Horizon who provide sustainability consultancy, advice and support services and achieved B Corp certification in July 2021. Nancy is also a B Leader, which means she is qualified to provide businesses with support in successfully approaching and completing B Corp certification.

Tim and Nancy work together as Nancy is retained by amamus to help them deliver on their sustainability objectives. Plus Tim and Nancy are Co-Chairs of B Local Hampshire, a voluntary group committed to inspiring and encouraging more businesses to consider B Corp certification as part of their own success strategy.

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