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LexisNexis GLP Index

I can't put it better than they can ....

What is the impact of COVID-19 on legal demand? Which practice areas are the most (and least) impacted, and what has this meant for the Bar? At the Annual Bar and Young Bar Conference, LexisNexis shared its latest findings.

The Gross Legal Product (GLP) Index is a new legal study released by LexisNexis. For the first time, barristers and legal professionals can access a statistical benchmark, which measures demand in the legal market, and quantifies the impact of COVID-19.

Our model is based on hundreds of metrics rooted in real data from a variety of primary sources, such as the Ministry of Justice and the ONS. Our experts at LexisNexis have also added their own views on the market and what strategies to employ for success during the pandemic.

We hope this data will give you a clear picture of the legal market and help you understand the dynamics of market growth or decline in your areas of practice.

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