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Covering a range of different things, this section has some fabulous ideas, shortcuts, guidance, hints and tips to help you do things better. We will be constantly adding items, so check back regularly.

Please note that the items listed are based on our view of what is helpful and why (which is based on having worked as a Marketing Director in a law firm for over 10 years!) Any opinions expressed are exactly that, just our opinion.  No one 'pays' to be on this page so you can 'trust' the list and the suggestions - they are independently selected. 

Whether or not a particular resource will help you and your firm, well, that has to be down to you to run your own checks and due diligence.

We are confident that you will find some resources and tools that will help you - whomever you are and whichever firm you are at!


Compose bold, clear, mistake-free writing with Grammarly.


Most law firms already know about this software.
Incredibly easy to use, the tools enable you to undertake multiple surveys for various reasons

Spammy Awards Checker

I have only recently come across this incredibly helpful tool.
It lists all the known ‘spammy awards’ that clutter up lawyers inboxes with claims they have been short listed for a ‘prestigious award’.


In their words – ‘Whiteboard Animation Software’.
It’s cheap and cheerful, easy to use and produces a decent enough end product.

Zoho Survey Audience

If you want to undertake some independent research there are a number of research tools that also have an option whereby you can ‘buy’ responses from a defined audience (research panel).


Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. The company provides a platform for freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide.


This wonderful online tool is a fabulous resource for creating consistently branded and high quality looking digital collateral e.g. to make your social media posts standout.

Free website health check

A really helpful review of your website undertaken by leading legal sector digital marketing and website experts Conscious Solutions.


Rev is an American speech-to-text company that provides closed captioning, subtitles, and transcription services.

Top 200 Law Firms - Technology

The Insider Top 200 Charts show the major IT systems in use by the largest UK law firms ranked by turnover. The current year’s chart is updated on an ongoing basis.

Audience Insights from Facebook

This one is a corker and an absolute ‘highly recommend’ for all law firms.
Using this smart tool you can get demographics data and a specific understanding of your target audiences by specific location, age, marital status, interests etc. etc.

Bellwether 2020: COVID-19: The next chapter

Independent law firms have largely survived COVID. By comparing attitudes and issues from the beginning of the pandemic to today, it is clear the journey ahead will not be easy.

LexisNexis GLP Index

Read the GLP Index Report & get real, rigorous data, insights & recommendations, so your firm can navigate a changing market landscape.

Zoho Surveys

This tool is not as well-known as SurveyMonkey but is just as powerful and not as expensive.


Want to know what other law firms websites are built with? This is the place to go. Really helpful, quick and easy to use. Useful if you are considering web platforms (and more).

Google Keyword Planner

Find the right keywords to use in your Google Ads campaigns.