Find out what trends exist in UK legal marketing.


This research provides invaluable insights to all law firms.

At the end of 2020 we undertook a survey of law firms seeking to understand some of the highbrow issues that law firms had to face in 2020 and their expectations for 2021.

The findings will be particularly useful for managing partners and the operational, financial, strategic, sales and marketing & business development leaders in law firms.


What will you learn?


  • What law firms are investing in their marketing and business development.

  • How firms have fared in 2020 and their predictions for 2021.

  • Trends in UK legal marketing.

  • The activities that are working for law firms across the UK.

  • The opportunities and challenges facing law firms in 2021.



How can you use these findings?

  • Benchmark your firm's approach to, and investment in, marketing and business development.

  • Shape your approach to marketing and business development.

  • Use the data to inform and educate your choices.

Would you like a copy of the webinar recording when Clare Fanner discussed the findings with Sarah Boustouller, Head of Marketing at Stephensons Solicitors and Gareth Horner, Managing Partner at Parker Bullen? 

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Mkt Benchmarking Survey 2020 - Front Cov
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