We are currently working on a few lead generation tools that you can use on your website.

Each tool will ask visitors a series of questions and then provided a tailored report based on their responses.  They can see the report on screen and elect to have the report sent to them as a PDF. 

They can also ask to be contacted by a lawyer.

It will be possible to tailor these to you, including your branding and then embed the assessment tool in your website with any leads generated coming directly to you.


Tools currently planned include:


  • Rules of intestacy

  • IHT calculator

  • Legal needs assessment – personal

  • Legal needs assessment – business


If there are any particular assessment tools you would like to see developed, please get in touch. 


If you would like to help us with the development of suitable tools (and receive a healthy discount) please get in touch as we would like to involve law firms in helping create these to ensure they suit your needs.


Annual and monthly members receive a 20% discount.